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2013 Memory Orchard and Garden Expansion

The Vista del Mar Foundation funded the purchase of four new trees for our new Memory Orchard. Carla Malloy researched and purchased the new trees, and many WONDERFUL parents and community members helped transform the garden and plant the trees on March 29th (our first day of Spring Break). The tags for our new trees are below.







Gardens help teach reading

How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson is a great way to introduce reading at the beginning of kindergarten!

More ideas for using this book

2012 Garden Renovation


The Vista del Mar Foundation funded the garden renovation project and elected to install redwood beds to last at least 25 years. The beds are bolted with gopher cloth attached to the bottoms. An irrigation system has been installed and is run with a battery operated irrigation controller. Weed prevention cloth has been set underneath the mulch.

Learning by Gardening

The Little Red Hen Garden

The people who work in the garden get to eat the delicious fresh produce.

Hard work is worthwhile!

Garden Links

Learning about Local Agriculture

tree planting work day on March 29th


Garden's Vision

Our garden's  goal is to bring education to life by providing an academic hands-on learning environment including art, science, reading, writing, math, social studies and ecology.  We want to connect students to the food they eat and the environment they live in, and encourage students to make healthy choices for their bodies and their world. We plan to use our garden to teach responsibility, respect, cooperation and the value of hard work and patience. We want to foster a sense of community by connecting students, teachers, school staff, parents and volunteers. 

The History of Agriculture

Garden Tools

Darrell Hayes donated beautiful hand forged tools with a lifetime warranty from Clarington Forge Tools, USA!

He donated a children's digging spade, a children's digging fork, a children's rake, two weeding trowels, two rockery hand trowels, and a children's garden set.

He also donated many bags of Happy Frog soil amendment, which we used during the garden renovation, Fall 2012.

Thanks Darrell!!!!

We Compost THREE Ways

1.Worm Bin 

Worms are nature's plows. They produce little pellets called worm castings, which fertilize plants.

Learn about Worms

Worm Facts for Kids

Two great worm books are: Diary of a Worm and Wiggling Worms at Work


2.Compost Pile

3.Compost Tumbler

Garden Rules

#1  treat all elements (plants, beds, people, tools, irrigation parts) of the garden with respect.

#2  never run in the garden.

#3  never stand on the raised beds.

#4  do our best to keep balls out of the garden.

#5  never touch or change the irrigation control panel.

#6  always turn the hose on with the black rubber switch not covered by the red wrapping

#7  place weeds into the WEE WEED bucket.

#8  cleanup after yourself by returning tools and supplies to the curb and eventually in our future shed.