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Caroline Esdaile

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My Bio

I was born and raised in England as the youngest of three girls. My mom was a kindergarten teacher and both my sisters worked with children so I guess teaching is in my blood. After leaving high school in 1978 I went to Chelsea College of Physical Education in Eastbourne, which at the time was part of Brighton Polytechnic. I spent three years there training to be a Physical education teacher. I then spent about five years teaching PE and art at a couple of different secondary schools.

    In 1986 I married my husband, David, and he brought me kicking and screaming to live in California! I lacked the necessary credentials to teach in the US so I did a number of different jobs while helping David run our business,  Solvang Horsedrawn Streetcars.

    In 1992 , already the proud mom of two children, Mickey and Hayley, I was lucky enough to be hired as an instructional assistant here at Vista de las Cruces. This was just a few months after the new school opened. Stefan was born the following year. Working as an aide was great. I worked with some amazing teachers, in all grade levels, and learned  a lot. However, I really wanted to have my own classroom so I began taking the necessary classes I needed in order to be able to teach over here. I was a student at Excelsior College in New York (a guided learning program) and then at Chapman University in Santa Maria.

    I was laid off from Vista in 2001 which was very sad, especially as all three of my children had also been attending school here. They transferred to Buellton and I dedicated my time to my studies and worked part time at Firestone. In 2003 I was  awarded a k-8 credential so I substitute taught for a while. Then in 2004 I was fortunate to be rehired  as the 6th grade teacher at Vista. My studying wasn't over though as I had to pursue a Masters degree in order to clear my credential. Eventually, in 2007 I was awarded a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University.

    It was all a lot of work to get to where I am now but it was well worth it. I love my job. I taught 6th grade for four years and  5th grade for eight years. This is my first year teaching 4th grade. It is such a privilege to be able to work in such a wonderful school where, with our small classes, we are able to nurture the students as individuals and encourage them to think, create and achieve success.